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Success Stories

Each person in the photos has their own unique, and wonderful story to share. To learn more about their successes, click on each individual photo to read about what they have achieved.


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Evaluation of “Gelukkige Familie Omgee” Program 2-9 years March Group- Rollout 1

Her goal was to strengthen her relationship with her child by communicating very gently with her daughter.  In the sessions when it was I’s turn to share she mentioned that after the special time her daughter started showing more interest in her and she would ask if she could go play by her friends where before she just use to go off. Irene also mentioned that her daughter told her that when it is dark she has to be inside. So she is aware of the danger inside of the community. That made her so proud. She says her child is a totally different child, she is calmer and shows respect towards everyone in the house.





Her goal was to handle difficult situations better. She shared at the celebration that she use to spend time with both her children. She learned the importance of spending Special Time with her children. She said that each child has his/her own time for Special Time and that they are all living under the Sunshine of Positive Attention. She was very positive during each session and engaged very well. She was also very keen when there was roleplays and illustrated stories that had to be read. Her feedback was always very positive. She was one of the participants who never skipped her homework.


P is a married woman with 5 children. She joined the program for the last born child. Her goal was to focus on the good characteristics of her child and reach out to him. When P started at the program she struggled with using eye contact.  We started to engage her in more roleplays and as the sessions progressed we could see that she was making use of eye contact more often. She liked sharing her homework and her success not only with her child but with other children in the community. She managed to involve her husband in her homework and he is now also a part of what she learned at the Program. He is a strict father and would not praise his children if they did well. She learned to praise in session 4 and did it more often at home. Her husband adapted it and is also now praising his children. Her son use to be very fond of his father and not of her. After the special time now, B wants to spend more time with her and be with her. She mentioned that he is jealous now, because he wants all her attention more often.



With C we did a lot off home visits and struggled to get her to the sessions. Most of the time she did not do her homework and we would come up with discussions to assist her. Still she would come back to the session without doing the homework. She mentioned that when her child plays he would want her to play along. She praises her child often. 



She came to the program each week very positive. She did her homework every week and was always very keen to share her experience. Her goal was to ask her child to do something rather than telling her to do something. She applied the skills she learned at each session at home with her child and siblings as well as in her classroom at school. N mentioned a child in her class that had difficult behaviour to handle. After applying these skills on him, he is a different positive child. She mentioned that before the program she was in a dark room, she didn’t know how to handle her child, but after the program there is Sunshine in that room. She motivated the group each week and praised them. She was always willing to read illustrated stories and participate in role-plays.




R’s goal was to get to understand her child better. She was very shy and insecure when she first started at the program. Throughout the whole program she gained self -confidence. And grown as a person. She attended all 12 session. She engaged in practical exercises. She always had feedback to give at each session. She is a single parent and it is sometimes very difficult for her. She rewarded her child very well by using reading books. She mentioned that she didn’t have a strong bond with her child but after each session it went better.






His goal was to communicate with his child and learn to play with him. Z has reached more than his goal. Not only is his child calling him daddy but they are spending more time together playing and communicating. He has always been keen to take part in the activities.








Her goal was to talk appropriately and calm with her child. She has changed her ways. She and her child is spending more time together. They are communicating more about sensitive matters. Her child is more open towards her. She is still struggling to praise her child. Her daughter has to make her aware of her own good deeds. She has learned strategies to keep herself calm in the storm. Her child is more obedient and even she is using problem-solving.


Rollout 2- Workplace

M’s goal was to become more patient and tolerant with her child. Also for her child to become more focused on her school-work.  According to M she had no relationship with her daughter or her teenage son. She was very stressful and impatient. She and her family used to argue a lot. She mentioned throughout the programme a lot has changed. She is much more patient, she and her daughter is spending more time together. She is also spending more time with her teenage son. She concluded that if it wasn’t for the programme she would not be the parent she is now and be respectful towards her daughter. She praised Amelia (facilitator) for being a good example and being someone she can learn from.




D’s goal was for her child’s manners to improve regarding his attitude towards his friends. She wants him to play nicely with them. She mentioned that she was a strict parent. The programme helped her to build a better relationship with her child and also taught her how to handle her children’s behaviour. Her family is more caring towards each other. She has also used some of the concepts of the programme on her eldest son. They have an open relationship now than they had before. She is also more patient after attending the programme. She feels that she is a better parent now. She also thanked her employer for providing this opportunity, if it wasn’t for him this would not be possible.




E’s goal was for her child to follow out instructions and be obedient towards her. She also wanted him to play nicely with his friends. She said that she did not have a good relationship with her child. She used to give him a hitting because she did not know how to handle his behaviour. Her child is much more behaved now and they have a good relationship. She can handle his difficult behaviour now. Things in her household has become more positive.






L’s goal was for her child to  speak appropriately and accept when she can’t have what she wants. According to her things were very difficult at home before she attended the programme. Before she started implementing the concepts her daughter used to swear. Things have changed, she can now talk to her child in a calm manner. They have a more open relationship now. Her daughter talks openly and there is trust. The child follows instructions given and is now more behaved.





B’s goal was for her child to follow out instructions without asking for rewards. She wanted for her child to be more comfortable to share with her. She also wanted her child to inform her where she plays. She mentioned that she was very impatient and never made time for her child. She adapted to being more calm. Her daughter is much more behaved and follows instructions and time easily.





M’s goal was for her child to be obedient towards her and inform her where she plays. She said that there is positive change. Her child follows out instructions, she became aware of consequences, she now plays inside the yard. She will continue implemeting these concepts in her household. During the programme M was very dedicated; she always did he homework and willingly participated.






V’s goal was for her child to follow out instructions immediately. She was the only person who attended all the sessions. She mentioned that she was a very angry parent. She used to hit her child and yell at her. She also mentioned that her child is busy but they are still working on it. She said that things are more positive.




Rollout 3 Success Stories                                                                             01/11/2016

Z: Her goal for the program was that her daughter must be more obedient towards the house rules.

She has reached her goal, her daughter is obedient and follows the rules. She said in session 12 that she and her daughter spend little time together before the program. She also didn’t show much love towards her daughter and that the relationship was of such a manner that her daughter did not really trust her. Since the program their relationships is better and there is positive growth. Her daughter is more open and honest. They also share their emotions now with each other. Her guests mentioned the huge amount of time Z is spends with her daughter now, more than before.

C. B’s goal was to have a more open relationship with her child and be able to talk about emotions. Also to improve the communication between them. She mentioned in the last session that there was an emotional gap between them.  As the sessions went by, they started moving together towards a positive relationship. They are now living in a warmer, positive household. She has reached her goal she said.

L’s goal was that her child is more behaved, that she should also be more cooperative. She also wants her to have a routine and follow the rules.  L mentioned that she has reached her goal. Her daughter behaves herself especially in shops. She describe that the two of them walked a road together where she learned positive skills to improve her child’s behaviour. She is proud of her child.

I’s goal for her child is that he must be more social. He must accept if he can’t have something. She mentioned in the session that her child is much more social, he even sleeps over at family members.  Before the program her child was very frustrated and she did not really show sympathy to how he felt.  In the program she said that she learned a lot of skills that made their relationship more positive. They talk a lot about feelings now.





B’s goal was that the child should accept if he can’t have something. She said that she has reached her goal. Now when her son asks for money she can explain to him if he can’t have and he will understand without crying. She said that she is spending more time with her son now. She is also praising him more often.





C. K’s goal was to be able to handle her child’s frustrations and talk about feelings to help them to be able to have a better relationship. She mentioned that before the program their relationship was very difficult with all the frustration and anger. She said after the first session their relationship became better. By following the techniques she learned at the program, she is able to do problem solving, talk about emotions, give clear instructions, say what she sees and handle her son’s difficult behaviour.


S’s goal is that her son should ask nicely when he wants something and use the magic words, please and thank you. He should also learn to talk respectfully with other and play nicely with his friends. S mentioned that there is change. Her son is much more behaved and she feels she has reached her goal. S also said that they have a good relationship now. They are spending more special time. She is proud of herself for being a single mom and making it.




L. B‘s goal was that her daughter should listen when she gives her an instruction and understands their circumstances. L says their relationship has changed. Before the program her daughter was disobedient, but things have changed for the better. She mentioned that with what she learned in the group she is able to let her daughter explore more, she allows her to do stuff that makes her feel good about herself. Her daughter is n great pleasure now she always gives compliments. She follows instructions and is more obedient.



A & Z

Both mother and daughter wanted a stronger relationship, to talk open to each other and share teenager stuff. During the program we saw the change in their relationship and how they’ve become more open with each other. They started to spend more time together to talk about thing that is going on around them.

B & B

This is a grandmother and granddaughter. The daughter is currently living with her grandmother till the end of the year. The grandma wanted a more open communication between them and they must talk in a respectable manner with each other. I can’t really say that there is a lot of improvement between them, because they did not really do their homework. They didn’t attend the program on a regular basis and received a view home visits.

M & N

The mother’s goal was to learn an effective way to save money and teach her children the same. Her son wants to support his mother all the way in whatever way. He had a behaviour problem at school and at home as well. During the program, they developed a more open relationship with each other. He even started doing better in school and the behaviour seems to be more manageable now. The mother has a job now and she is saving money as much as she can. The communication between her and her son is so much better, because he speaks more openly with her now.

 H, S & R

The mother wanted to set house rules with her children and she wanted them to understand if they can’t always get what they want. The daughter wanted an open and trustworthy relationship with her mom. Her son wanted to follow instructions immediately when it is given to him.  They have worked hard on their relationship and also involved the father in setting house rules. It sometimes was very emotional for them, but we could see the growth in them. They spend time together and also share their feelings with each other.

D, D & J

The mother wanted her children to follow the rules that was set in the household. She wanted to understand her children and have a good relationship.  They started having an open relationship, the son was not so keen on the house rule but they discussed it and is following it now. They started doing problem solving in the house and spend time talking to each other. They also involved all the siblings in the house with the house rules.

M & C

The mother’s goal was to understand her child better and wanted an open relationship with her child. The son wanted a better relationship with better understanding and he really wants to study hard. The bond between them grew stronger as the program went on. The  was times when I felt like the mother gave up and she was being verbally abusive towards her son. She had so much bad memories that she was carrying with her and was taking it out on her son. She than received therapy and there was a difference in their relationship. They started to talk about their feelings again and also set house rules. Things are looking really good.

S & E

Both of them wanted an open relationship with each other to talk about things. They really tried working on their relationship and as time went on, the bond between them grew stronger. He started following instructions, they praised each other and shared feelings and how to save money.

P & M

The mother wanted a stronger relationship between her and her daughter. She wanted her daughter to understand, if she can’t always have what she wants.  Her daughter had a closer bond with her father and she wanted to spend more time with her mother. After the first few sessions, they started spending special time with each other, shared their feelings and also the daughter spoke openly about teenage stuff.