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ECD Programme

Sinombulelo Early Childhood Development Centre


From birth to five is the most important time for children’s development. During this period the quality of stimulation, nurturing, care and nutrition children receive lays the foundation for the rest of their lives. Children who do not have access to caring, stimulating opportunities for learning are at a significant disadvantage when they attend school, and are seldom able to catch-up with peers who have had access to good ECD opportunities.

Census information indicates that 80% of 0-4 aged children in Touwsranten are not served by any formal ECD support. This means that most children growing up in Touwsranten are disadvantaged. The establishment of an ECD Centre assures that the community itself faces less significant disadvantage.

The Sinombulelo ECD Centre caters for children regardless of race, nationality and language. We are providing a high-quality service that enable children to reach their full potential. Daily activities focus on preparation for school, emotional development and life skills such as gender equality, inclusion, praise and emotional awareness We currently have Chantal Damons as the principal and Genevieve Nkewuse as the 3–4-year-old teacher. Two assistants support them with their daily activities.

The centre can accommodate 36 children.