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                The Seven Passes Initiative Wishlist

Hi Seven Passes friends and community, thank you for your continued generous support to our cause, if you are interested in supporting our other specific needs, please use this resource list which reflects our current wishlist as of January 2024. Feel free to donate the actual item requested, and should you wish to support us with funds use the details as indicated on the website.

The reference needs to be the item you are donating towards so we can allocate appropriate.



Estimated Cost

Bakkie 1 R410,000
Property (All inclusive hub- Touwsranten) 1 R4,5 million
Container for classes 2 R270,000
Laptops (Hp laptops, each estimated at R6000) 5 R90,000
Staff Uniform (estimated cost for 1 R800) 26 R20,800
Office Chair 1 R600
Music Box 1 R1100
Keyboard 2 R400
Mouse 2 R200
Netball, soccer ball & Rugby ball 1 of each R480
Chalkboards 4 R1,200
ECD Inside doors 2 R540
Mobile TV 2 R7,499
Fridge Freezer 1 R5,799
Tables and chairs (ECD)

4 Tables , 16