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We are privileged to receive a Mindfulness course from Dr Ursula Viljoen and Dr Lydia Altini

If you want to become involved with this project, please don’t hesitate to phone us. We need as many volunteers as possible to help with extra reading.

Bea Potgieter is tans een van Seven Passes Initiative se volunteers en het aan Seven Passes haar boek “Blue Star & Lionelheart” geskenk.

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Our volunteers:

Volunteer Name Volunteering Work
Alison Evans Psychologist
Mimmie Buhrman Psychologist
York High Students Study Help
Linda Tacke Weaving
Carol Nienaber Gardening
Faan and Sulet Boshoff Reading
Ria Olivier Reading
Jonel Ackerman
Mike Tacke Financial Input
Sophie Boomker Reading
Rhea Verwey Reading
Maggie Heyneke Reading
Willem Crafford Reading
Wilhem Beineke Reading
Tony Olivier Reading
Pierre Ferreira Reading
Hans en Valerie Roux Reading
Salmon Gerber Reading
Tony Rose Reading
Annette Barendse Reading
Yvonne Barnard Reading
Marza and Paul Voster Reading
Petra Alberts Reading
Melanie van Rensburg Reading
Emmy Verster Paediatrician
Melanie Groves
Jenny Foster Admin and Drumming
Maria Henning Psychiatrist
Deidre Prinsloo Arts and Crafts
Paul Nicholas Handyman and Woodwork
Delarey Viljoen
Marian Viljoen Graphic Arts
Greta Potgieter Admin and Translations
Lindy Prinsloo Arts and Crafts
Willem Liebenberg Reading
Hendrina Olivier Reading
E. Theron Reading
Johan Anderson Counsellor